Jumper Cables for the Imagination

There once was a story in a tabloid newspaper about a quick-thinking mechanic who revived a heart attack victim using jumper cables. If it works for the heart, certainly, it must work for the imagination, particularly for that of a stifled writer. Even the wildest, most untamed imagination needs a jolt to get it running once in a while. In this workshop, participants will be hooked up to a number of playful, mind zapping activities which will get those proverbial creative writing juices bubbling in a non-threatening, judgement-free environment.

Activities may include:

  • Headless Chicken Writing.
  • Ten endings in Search of a Beginning.
  • What in the World was that Sound?
  • The Perilous Treasure Hunt.
  • A Room Full of Five or Six Senses.

These activities are immediately applicable for use in any classroom from grades four to twelve and beyond.