Face to Face Creative Workshops for Emerging Authors

Chris offers half-day or full-day workshops with writers. Groups should not exceed twenty-five, as more individual attention can be given to smaller groups.

During these sessions, he will engage participating writers in a series of writing exercises that explore some of the key components of the creative writing process. These include:

  • developing an irresistible hook to grab readers that won't let them go.
  • crafting a plot that leads readers on a thrill-a-minute roller coaster ride.
  • creating fascinating, original and unforgettable characters.
  • enhancing the quality of prose writing with "showing, not telling."
  • developing a unique, personal narrative voice.
  • making the "perfect" story even more "perfect."

Through these explorations of the craft of writing, Chris will draw upon his own experiences in writing and share with participants his playful, offbeat approach to the creative writing process.

Participants should come away from the session with a number of tricks and tools of the trade. These tricks and tools will allow them to avoid the perils of writer's block, and take their writing into previously uncharted territory.