Creative Connections to Literature

There is a growing awareness of the importance of creativity in Twenty-first Century learning, thanks, in part to the work of Dr. Ken Robinson. The question this workshop asks is: "How can literature provide greater opportunities for students to engage in creative activities?" This workshop has arisen out of Chris's interest in encouraging creativity in all curricular areas.

Chris draws upon his lengthy experience as a teacher-librarian to present a wide range of books that lend themselves to creative spin-off activities.

For example, Some Things are Scary, by Florence Parry Heide can be used as a launching pad for students to have fun in exploring the often uninspiring lesson in, "How to Take Care of Our Library Books." How about, "Some Things are Scary . . . To a Book!" This includes a written description as well as an illustration of the many perils facing books as they venture forth in the world.

The lessons can be done within a library or classroom setting.

In the workshop, a number of these practical activities will be presented which teachers and teacher-librarians can take back with them and use with ease. A handout will include reproducible activity sheets that go with each lesson.