In addition to presentations, Chris has done a number of writing workshops for groups of students and adults. As a teacher of creative writing to classrooms of students, he is comfortable with larger groups. He also runs a program for gifted writers, using remote computer access to facilitate the instruction, and one-on-one feedback, particularly in the area of revision.

Workshops for Emerging Authors

  1. Face to Face Creative Writing Workshops

    Through interactive explorations of the craft of writing, Chris will draw upon his own experiences in writing and share with participants his playful, offbeat approach to the creative writing process.Read the gritty details.

  2. Working with an Editor

    In addition to the face to face workshop, Chris will work with the emerging writers one-on-one through the revision process just as a professional novelist would with an editor.Reading more will change your life.

Workshops for Teachers

  1. Creative Connections to Literature

    Chris has drawn upon his experience as a teacher-librarian to create a number of activities in which students can respond to literature creatively through art, drama, and writing.Read more and you won't be sorry.

  2. Jumper Cables for the Imagination

    In this workshop, participants will be hooked up to a number of playful, mind zapping activities which will get those proverbial creative writing juices bubbling in a nonthreatening, judgement-free environment. These activities are immediately applicable to use in any classroom from grades four to twelve and beyond.Read on you must!